Thursday, November 10, 2011

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Found this video..

This may not be exactly like Kate Middleton's wedding make up but it gives some really good make up tips and advice!
It's by "Katieandsophiebeauty" on youtube!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Now that it's over...

If you have yet to see pictures or videos or ANYTHING from the Royal Wedding last Friday then you may just live under a rock. Millions of people tuned in to watch a "commoner," Kate Middleton, marry Prince William, second in line to the throne.

It's safe to say that Kate Middleton (now known as HRH, the Duchess of Cambridge) is absolutely stunning and her wedding day didn't disappoint. She wore an insanely gorgeous traditional and classic silhouette, reminiscent of Grace Kelly's wedding dress, yet completely modern gown by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. The Cartier tiara was a gift lent to her by the Queen for her big day.
However, to me, the best part of all of this was that she did her own makeup.  What? A woman marrying into the Royal Family in front of millions of people and broadcast all over the world did her own makeup AND pulled it off? Yup. It wasn't too drastic of a change from her normal make up routine but she did have a heavier smokey eye, pink cheeks, and a light pink gloss. Some articles and other blogs suggest that the eyeliner was too much and too heavy but I say go for it, she looked absolutely radiant. To get her make up look, check out Victoria's Secret facebook page. (Like us on Facebook too!)

As for the hair, I'm so glad she wore it long and lose, but not totally casual like her usual gorgeous blow out. She jazzed it up a bit but kept it looking like her. The pieces around her face were pulled back which just highlighted her face.
All in all, if I were getting married tomorrow, I would want this exact look from head to toe; she looks like a princess.

What do you think of her Royal Wedding look?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever

Is anyone else extremely excited about the Royal Wedding? Waity Katie no more! Is anyone else getting up at five am to watch it? I am!
First there was speculation about the guest list and who will be invited. Now that that's revealed, ALL the focus seems to be on what will Kate Middleton wear!? What designer? Long train? Ballgown? Simple & Elegant? I'm guessing elegant but not TOO simple; she's marrying a Prince! She'll be a princess!

Make up wise, Kate usually keeps it simple and classy, nothing crazy. No red lips, no purple eyeshadow, no rainbow colored eyelashes (warning: these are extremely tacky; they are so not okay!) I'm hoping she'll go for something a little more exciting, it is her wedding after all. (She probably won't wear Bath and Body Works Royal Wedding themed Liplicious but YOU can get them for $4 a piece!)
Usually her hair is also simple, straight or blown out. I'm guessing she'll go with her hair down but maybe wavy; maybe half up. I hope she doesn't wear an updo. It doesn't seem like her, she's never seen with her hair up. You want to look like yourself on your wedding day after all!

Again, these are all GUESSES. Check back Friday night for reviews on what she actually wore!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Five Products Ever Girl Needs in her Everyday Bag

I realize that some of us girls carry HUGE purses everyday because we put our entire lives in them! In just one of my bags I used to carry 7 different lip glosses/chapsticks, 2 lotions, hand sanitizer, 10,000 pens, gum, highlighters, sunglasses, hair ties, bobby pins, etc etc etc. It never ends. Now, I've been able to narrow that list down. Other than the essentials (wallet, cell phone, two pens), I've narrowed the list of non-essentials down to five. Maybe that's still too many for some of you but for me, I can make it work.

1. Hand sanitizer. Whether there's no soap in the bathroom or there's just no sink around to wash your hands, hand sanitizer works like a charm. Of course, I think Bath and Body Works has the BEST "pocket-bacs." They also have holders for them to tie to the side of your bag or key chain so it's not taking up too much room. (They're also in yummy scents!)
2. Travel size scented lotion. Whether it's a fragrance pick me up or your skin feels dry, it's the perfect addition to an everyday bag that you can change up quickly and won't take up room because of it's size.
3. Your favorite chapstick or lipgloss. I cheat a little here. I have one mentha chapstick by CO Bigelow and a CO Bigelow mentha colored gloss. It keeps our lips moisturized and if you choose one with color, it can brighten up your face.
4. Gum. Although it's not a beauty product, gum or mints are a huge necessity in my mind. No one wants to be talking to someone whose breath smells. Also, your confidence is so much better, I think, when your breath is fresh.
5. Bobby Pins. If I'm wearing my hair down it's not usually as bad of a problem but when my hair is up and it's windy outside, I always find myself eating my hair or getting it caught on my lipgloss. With a few extra bobby pins in your purse you can tame those flyaways!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Fragrance Launch at Bath&Body Works

(Picture from
Bath and Body Works has a new scent coming out! The official launch date is April 15th but for the most part, stores usually put out most of the products earlier than that! It already previewed and many people might already have it but if you haven't tried it, go check it out. It's called "Country Chic" which is supposed to embody the effortlessly sexy, down to earth, country girl. It's a blend of lemon and wildflowers atop a woodsy base note. To me, I mostly smell the lemon but everyones nose is different so you have to try it on yourself!
If you like strong and exotic scents, this one may not be for you but Bath and Body Works does have around 30 other scents (and that's only their "Signature Collection") and you are sure to find one that works for you!
"Country Chic" is a very light scent that is part of their "Freshes" Signature Collection which really works for the woman who likes light, non-heavy, everyday scents that won't overpower them. With my experience, Country Chic doesn't last THAT long on me (compared to one of my favorites, Black Raspberry Vanilla, which lasts hours). If you want the scent to last longer, I definitely recommend layering the shower gel, body lotion, and fragrance mist, of the same scent, which will give you a layering of the scents so they will last longer. (We call this "the ritual").
The full sizes are the "usual" price for the Signature Collection which is
Shea Cashmere Hand Cream - $10
Body Lotion - $10.50
Shower Gel - $10.50
Fragrance Mist - $12.00
Bubble Bath - $12
Shower Cream - $12
Body Cream - $12
EDT - $29.50
Also, Signature fragrances are ALWAYS "Buy 3, Get 2 Free OR Buy 2, Get 1 Free".
If you don't want to commit right away to a full size, some stores may still have the preview lotions out (2 oz lotions for $1 or 3 oz mists for $2).

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Funky Fingers

 Now that "open toed shoes" season is officially starting, (though it wouldn't seem so with the weather in New York) I wanted to find some new, fun nail polish colors to wear on my toes. With my job, I find it extremely hard to get away with nail polish on my nails because by the end of a shift, they are chipped from opening boxes all day! I tend to only wear polish on my toes but occasionally will put some on my fingers (I'm also REALLY bad at painting my right hand nails so I tend to steer clear of doing it myself).

  When I was home for spring break, my sister told me about this new store called Five Below in Latham, NY (not sure if they're a chain or not, I've never heard of them before). When we got there I saw they had a bunch of fun colored polish (called Funky Fingers) for 3 for $5. I bought a lime green (Limelight), a hot pink (Screamin' Fuscia), and a dark purple (Riot) polish. I used the hot pink first on my toes and it actually works REALLY well. The color is bright after two applications and it lasts! Also, it's been a week and I've only done ONE touch up a couple days ago and it hasn't chipped yet. Since I'm completely incapable of using my left hand to paint my nails on the right, I have yet to wear them on my nails (except for a couple of REALLY messy attempts). However, those messy attempts did come off farely well with average nail polish remover on a tissue.
  I have never seen this brand before nor have I been able to find a website for them but you can find them on sites like eBay and Five Below.